Freelance & Contracting

If you are looking to save money and manage your staffing costs by using freelance staff…

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We have a talent pool of freelancers available for you to use exactly when you need them for as long as you need them.

We successfully operate a dedicated freelance division and through us, you have access to some of the best freelancers available.

  • 2D artworkers, designers, art directors, web designers, Flash developers, motion graphics designers/developers

  • 3D designers for exhibitions, events & branding; Visualisers, CAD detailers

  • Events & Exhibition, Project managers & event producers

  • Advertising & media  account handlers & creatives

You can relax in the knowledge that Worth Every Penny is financially secure; backed by a highly reputable Factoring Company and Lloyds  Bank. Freelancers are paid promptly by us so they can get on with making YOU money with no hassles or distractions about getting paid.

Weekly Project Tracking Sheet

If you are a freelancer looking for work and you have the skills and experience in the above disciplines, we’d love to hear from you:

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